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Set up a customized lockscreen for your phone


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Favorites Lock Screen is a completely tailored lockscreen wallpaper app designed at Microsoft. Now you can always keep in touch with all the things you like every time you check your smartphone.

Choose your favorite wallpaper from any of the themes available within the settings menu for Favorites Lock Screen. Now, anytime you look at your screen, you'll come across a pleasant wallpaper theme with topics like: nature, cats, soccer, cars, or any of your favorite celebrities. Of course, you'll also get to pick out more themes, setting up one, two, or up to 20 or 30 different wallpapers to stream on your phone.

Far from being the only feature available on Favorites Lock Screen, you'll soon find that you can get a new wallpaper every time you turn on your smartphone, plus set up your unlock experience as you wish by adding in a safety pattern, PIN, password, or set it to leave your phone continuously unlocked. That's not all, you can also set up your favorite apps so that they're available directly from your lockscreen.

Favorites Lock Screen is an excellent smartphone locking app that allows you extra layers of customization options for your Android.
Microsoft's new Favorites Lock Screen is here

Following in the footsteps of its latest movements, Microsoft brings us a new app with its seal on it. We're talking about Favorites Lock Screen, a lock screen that offers high resolution backgrounds and news according to your interests. A new app that joins a list of other Microsoft apps available on Android.
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Android 4.1 or higher required